Psychosocial Aspects

  • Orofacial Clefts – A 2-hour Biopsychosocial Workshop

    Martin Persson, UK

Cleft Repairs

  • An analysis of the Mohler vs the Fisher repair in unilateral cleft lip cheiloplasty – a single surgeon’s experience

    Por Yong Chen, Singapore

  • Long Term Results after Unilateral Cleft Lip Repair with a Modified Millard technique

    Keisuke Imai, Japan

  • 15 years consecutive results of the Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Patient

    Nigel Mercer, UK

  • Nostril Asymmetry – an ongoing challenge in unilateral cleft lip cheiloplasty

    Mirek Stranc, Canada

  • Nasoalveolar moulding in primary cleft repair

    Philip KT Chen, Taiwan

  • Secondary surgery for Cleft Lip & Nasal Deformity

    Lun-Jou Lo, Taiwan

  • Cleft Rhinoplasty

    Chin Ho Wong, Singapore

Long Term Retrospectives

  • Sir William Manchester’s patients

    Stanley Loo, New Zealand

  • Harold McComb’s patients

    David Gillet, Australia

  • Samuel Noordhoff’s patients

    Philip Chen, Taiwan

  • Max Lovie’s patients

    Craig MacKinnon, N Zealand

Speech and Surgery

  • Nasoendoscopy – Technique and role in the Management of Speech in the CLP patient

    Mark Moore, Australia

  • Speech evaluation for patients with cleft lip and palate

    Claudia Yun, Taiwan

  • Speech management for patients with cleft lip and palate

    Claudia Yun,Taiwan

  • Managing Oronasal Fistulas

    Lun-Jou Lo, Taiwan

  • Burden of Care and Predictive Factors for Speech Outcomes

    Felicity Mehendale, UK

Orthodontics & Surgery

  • 30 years of the Goslon yardstick: An Introduction and Interactive Quiz

    Michael Mars, UK

  • Primary palatal surgery is responsible for later mid face growth disruption – The results of 25 years longitudinal facial growth studies into the nature and timing of cleft lip and palate repair

    Michael Mars, UK

  • Why such gross variation between centres

    Michael Mars, UK

  • Surgical-Orthodontic Treatment for Cleft Patients using the Two-stage Maxillary Distraction-Mandibular Setback Osteotomies

    Takafumi Susami , Japan

  • Maxillary Protraction in Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate

    Takafumi Susami, Japan

  • Tooth Alignment after Orthodontic Treatment in Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate and Need for Orthognathic Surgeries

    Takafumi Susami, Japan

  • How to avoid respiratory problems when taking impressions of newborn babies

    Michael Mars, UK

  • Paediatric Dental Care for Cleft Lip & Palate Patients

    Kalaiarasu Peariasamy, Malaysia

  • Decision-making in the timing of Surgery in the Orthodontic/Orthognathic Treatment Plan

    David Gillet/Chris Wholley, Australia

  • Surgery First OGS in Cleft Lip and Palate Patients

    Philip KT Chen, Taiwan

  • Computer Planning & Simulation Surgery in Cleft OGS

    Lun-Jou Lo,Taiwan

  • 3D Surgical Changes in proximal segments after BSSO relating to Functional Alteration in Class III Deviated Mandible

    Ellen Ko, Taiwan

  • Aesthetic Orthognathic Surgery – 30 yr experience

    Yu-Ray Chen,Taiwan

Craniofacial & Miscellaneous

  • Long Term Perspectives in Craniofacial Surgery

    Mirek Stranc, Canada

  • Cranioorbitofacial Neurofibromatosis – management perspectives

    Yu-Ray Chen, Taiwan

  • FrontoEthmoidal Meningoencephalocoels

    Bowornsilp Chowchuen, Thailand

  • Over 10 years postoperative change after fronto-orbital advancement for plagiocephaly

    Keisuke Imai, Japan

  • Current Guidelines in the management of fibrous dysplasia in the craniofacial region

    Yu- Ray Chen, Taiwan

  • AVM’s

    Hiroshi Nishikawa, UK

  • Periorbital Reconstruction in CMF Deformities

    M Grant, USA

  • Lasers in the Treatment of Vascular and Pigmented Birthmarks

    Wong Thai Er, Malaysia

Education and the Delivery of Care

  • The Genesis of the Asian-Pacific Cleft lip and Palate / Craniofacial Federation–1988-2015

    Seng-Teik Lee, Singapore

  • Organisation of Cleft Services in the United Kingdom

    Nigel Mercer, UK

  • Development of the multidisciplinary cleft care center at Seoul National University Children’s Hospital during the last 25 years.

    Suk-Wha Kim, S Korea

  • Organisation of Cleft and Craniofacial Services at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital – the last 38 years.

    Yu-Ray Chen, Taiwan

  • Reflections from the Inaugural International Congress of Humanitarian Medical Missions

    ST Lee, Singapore

  • The economic consequences of delivering cleft services in a developing country

    Mark H Moore, Australia

  • Cleft missions to Miri, Sarawak

    KK Tan, Malaysia

MAPACS Annual Scientific Meeting 2015 Plastic Surgery Presentations

  • Faces – the British Way

    N Mercer, UK

  • Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

    Kevin Hancock, UK

  • Gliding Spaces of the Face

    Chin Ho Wong, Singapore

  • Wound management symposium


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